Lake Fork - Spawn

Spawn runs from March thru April

Early Pre-Spawn: When the water reaches 50 degrees, the bass will start migrating from main lake into the creeks. The first place they will come into contact with is a Point. Their favorite location is where the point is close to a creek channel, and the north side since it warms up quicker than the south side. They will move up the point to feed on the shallower structure as the water temperature rises. The best time to work these areas is from 11 a.m. to around 4 p.m. on a sunny day depending on the barometer. But if the electronics does not show fish, then move to another location. Be sure and look over the point from deep water to shallow water. You never really know where they might be holding. Check for structure around the point if you don't already know where it is.

Pre-Spawn: Opinions vary in this area. Bass are most active in water temperature between 62 and 68* surface temperature during the spawn. The water is colder down at 15 to 25 feet, so it will have an affect on the big female bass. It is during this time that the fish are heading towards the secondary points as they head for the shallow spawn areas (warmest water, big flats).

As we have seen at Lake Fork for 22 years, the male bass are abundant in these areas. One year we see beds showing up with schools of male bass, with an immediate spawn. The next year, the beds will be ready and several cold fronts will hit. Then the male bass disappear until the water starts to warm up again. As many as 5 or 6 different spawns one year with the latest being in June! That was the coldest Spring in our history.

The female bass are always just behind waiting on the male bass to coax her up to the beds. One method to use is start on the point and work your way into the shallow water using many types of lures. Cast across the points and parallel to cover it thoroughly. Always pay attention to the structure, both above and below the surface.

Post Spawn: It seems that a full moon has a major affect on the spawn when the water temperature reaches 64 to 68 degrees. It is most likely (but not in all cases) that the egg laying is finished. The female bass will leave the nest first and migrate back to deeper water using secondary points, then primary points. The male bass hangs around to protect the nest, then follow the female bass into the summer time areas. This is a great time for top water bait fishing some favorite baits are the Zara Spook, Pop'R and Buzz Bait.

Once the spawn is complete, the great end of Spring and predictable Summer time patterns begin. Bass will be chasing shad or hanging out around the nearest cover. Hydrilla is one of the favorite covers to fish besides the points. Crank baits and Carolina Rigs are very productive baits until the hot summer. Suspended fish are hard to catch, but all you have to do is figure out how far up off the bottom they are. Where is their comfort zone? A jigging spoon or Tail Kicker can also be productive during the summer on the road beds.

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